Market Research Intelligence

Tailored intelligent market research to get you the answers you need to grow.

Our Studies

Each question requires different methods and deliverables. Our clients hire us to deliver the following:

Exploratory Study
Which are the questions to ask to achieve my goal, plus the assumptions and uncertainties?
Market Potential
How big is the market for my product? What are the opportunities for growth?
Future Trend Study
What are the main factors to determine the future of my market, competition, supply chain?
Market Entry Study for CA
Is there a demand for my product/service in California? Who would be potential clients?
Competitive Landscape
What claims can I make about my competitive advantages?
Int. Trade Analysis
What conclusions can I draw from trade data of my product category? What else do I need to know to understand the data?

More Knowledge
More Sales
More Profits

  • 100s of reports delivered
  • 1,000s of interviews conducted
  • 10,000s of leads identified



ALPHATEN Research Intelligence specializes in national and international market research studies. We help you ask the right questions and find the answers to gain actionable results and take the best decisions.

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